Style Talk: Valeria Amery Palombo

I recently sat down with Valeria Amery Palombo, an Italian celebrity stylist. Valeria is the first of a series of people I will be featuring in the (weekly? monthly?) series entitled: “Style Talk”.

I met Valeria 10 years ago while traveling to Italy. Her style, an eclectic mix of vintage & contemporary pieces, has always been an inspiration. In recent years, she has brought her styling magic wand to Italian television and magazines.

Who did you look up to for fashion inspiration growing up?

Definitely, my mother and grand-mother. My grand-mother was an Argentinian actress in the 40’s and was the epitome of elegance and style. I keep photos of her in these beautiful dresses that she actually left me. She knew how to bring those dresses to life like no one else. Such an elegant woman! My mother was a folk singer in her young days, and when she arrived in Italy, from Argentina, she made headlines not only because of her talent and fashion sense, but also because she was related to Che Guevara (he was a distant uncle). Both these women inspired my love for fashion.

What was your first brush with fashion?

When I was 6 or 7 years old, my Mom opened the trunks where she kept her stage dresses. I was mesmerized! I remember wanting to try them all on, but they were of course too big for me. I wanted to grow up so fast, so I could finally wear them.

How would you describe your style?

It is a mix of many styles, an expression of my state of mind. I always aim for something unique that speaks to me. Impeccable matching of low-cost pieces with high-end ones is my favorite thing to achieve. Above all, I must always feel comfortable with what I am wearing.

Whose style do you admire most?

Individuals whom can mix and match different styles, without a care for what is trendy. That’s when a person’s personality can really shine through.

Any favorite designer(s)?

I would have to say Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior, Isabel Marant, and Alessandro Michele for Gucci.


Heels or flats? – Flats

Black or white? – White

Sexy or Sporty? – Sporty

Red or Pink? – Pink

S/S or F/W fashion? – Spring/Summer

Patterns or Plain? – Patterns

Short or Long? – Long

Dress or Pants? – Dress

Bright or Neutrals? – Neutrals

Vintage or New? – The perfect mix of both:-)

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You can check out Valeria’s personal Instagram account @valeriaamery and her styling account @valeriaamerypalombo .

If you or any of your cool friends would like to be featured on “Style Talk”, shoot me an email!