Shop your closet: The leopard dress

If you too have a 4-year-old, you don’t get to go out much and so you probably don’t own tons of cocktail dresses. To run after my son, I obviously favor jeans and sneakers over dresses and heels. Occasionally though, we do get to go out and on those few occasions, it is nice to feel human and put together again. Last September, I bought this gorgeous Alexander McQueen number for my friend’s wedding. I got a great deal at Century 21! However, discounted from the original $695, it still wasn’t exactly cheap. I had to get creative so I could use it in more than one way.

So here, I’ll show you how I styled it to go from day time office…

styled for the office

…to an evening winner!

styled to hit the town!

There are so many versatile pieces in our closets. We just need to get creative and be a bit more daring.

Have fun doing it and please, do send photos of your versatile pieces!!