Operation Clean your Street

Last weekend I enrolled my almost 5 year old to help me clean our block.

He got really excited and was totally game!

Sadly, it took us a whole hour and 2 FULL 30-gallon garbage bags to remove every single piece of garbage from our street.

20 minutes into the task, my little helper got tired and bored…

But he kept going til the end!!

In the hour we spent outside cleaning, 3 of our neighbors came out to say thank you and ask why we were doing this? “We live here and we care to have a beautiful and clean neighborhood”.

They promised to help the next time we’d be out.

One lady didn’t wait. She came out broom in hand and dove right in. She said she was really happy that someone was finally doing this.

We also managed to enroll my husband (he was asleep when we started) and he already purchased his own gardening gloves (no disposable!!) to help us next time.

And that next time is this coming Sunday, for it is Earth Day and my son’s school organized no other than a street cleaning gathering around the school building.

We will be there! And we will be back, cleaning our block until we can spread the word around that littering is not an option here.

What initiative can you take in your community to make a change?