I have always wanted to take up knitting….but then I thought “I’ll have plenty of time, down the road, when my son leaves the nest and I’ll be an older woman:-)” So, in the meantime, this is my version of knitting aka “what I use my time watching my son at the playground doing”. I have ordered a bunch of acrylic yarn samples ($20 for 50 different colors), picked a bunch of tree branches and enveloped them with bright, fun colors.

In order to keep the yarn in place, it might be wise to use a bit of glue. Also, if you have some cans of paint samples dormant in your basement, before you start playing with the yarn, dip your sticks into the paint for added appeal.

Here are a few ways you can use those sticks once decorated:

– You can simply stick them into a tall vessel and place it on a table, night stand or console

– As a center piece,

– For your next dinner decoration,

– Wall decor,

– A crib mobile.

Just like knitting, it is an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long day. If sitting with your legs crossed, eyes closed and fingers touching isn’t your cup of tea, I recommend doing this as a substitute for a meditation session.

Happy relaxing moments!!