I pride myself in making a house a home. I don’t stick to one style, because people are what excite me. I’m inspired by pieces that my client holds dear to their heart, and can design an entire room around that single key piece. I want to create not only a beautiful space, but also one that people are comfortable in. I love redefining a home, focusing on how to make it a more energetically balanced interior. When I’m done, I want it to still feel like it’s yours.

IbCB is a full interior design service with a flair for styling and a mind for organizing. No job is too big or too small. Together, we can create your perfect space!


My creative journey has lead me through many professional chapters. After opening my own restaurant in Brooklyn in 2010, it became clear that the most exciting part of the project had been to envision, create and decorate the space. The reason I love my job is because it allows me to reconcile my love for aesthetic and obsession for organizing, with my passion for texture and patterns. When I am not starting a DIY project or moving furniture around, you can find me dancing and singing to my favorite songs or goofing around with my husband & our little Louis.