An Out Of The Ordinary Sunday

When I was a little girl, my room design was the sum of all the pieces of furniture my parents no longer wanted for themselves. My room was full of antique furniture and oh so boring for a blossoming teenager. At the age of 12, I finally asked to decorate my own room. All white is what I wanted! My parents were cool about it and took me to a furniture chain store in town. To my horror, they did not have any white bedroom sets. I was crushed, but I couldn’t risk my parents changing their mind so I went for a black/grey set instead. I then chose a grey and pink carpet and covered ALL the walls with posters of Madonna, Michael Jackson and George Michael. I was the happiest teenager in the whole wide world. I was no longer embarrassed when my friends came over. I had a cool room:-)

Fast forward to today, all the generic black/grey furniture has been sold/given away and what was once my room is now a beautiful guestroom, decorated with antique furniture and objects from my parents’ impressive collection. I now love and appreciate antiques (but that’s for a whole different post) but certainly appreciated my parents being opened to letting me explore my sense of style as a child.

Now I have a 4-year old son and when we bought our house, a little less than a year ago, it was the first room I decorated in the house. I wanted the room to feel cozy, modern and age appropriate, yet I didn’t want to use any kids character theme. Sorry, no offense, but I just can’t. I can deal with Paw Patrol on his thermos bottle and PJ Masks on his lunch box, but that’s about it!!! I have chosen furniture and a rug that can easily be moved to another room of the house if I chose to or if my son, when he is a bit older, decide that he hates his room and wants to change everything in it.

So here is what I did with this room:

When we got the house, this room was a guest room and was painted a tranquil sage color. Because the idea of painting the whole room the same color didn’t excite me (and also because I was trying to save myself a bit of work, let’s face it!) using blue tape, I “designed” mountain peaks and planned on painting the bottom part of the room Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

I enrolled my husband Rocco’s help and gave him what I thought were clear instructions on how to proceed with the painting. Well I was wrong… I turned away for a split second and the first thing Rocco did was use the paint roll on the TOP part of the blue tape!!!

Yikes…..especially because the previous owners couldn’t remember the name of that sage color. Oh well, I tried my best to find that very color, because I really, really liked it and I failed of course, which resulted in more work all together. But hey, the end result is nice so it was all worth it!

In the pictures showing the process, you can still see the original sage color.

And this is the first reveal…..though clearly, you can see the plaster on the top part of the wall. I contemplated disguising it into clouds, to avoid having to paint over the whole sage part. I thought I’d be able to give you the final final result, but it’s going to have to do for now. Maybe one day, the “clouds” will disappear!